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WMC’s very own Chris ‘The Crusher’ Dale recently won the Fun category of the winter bouldering league held at Boulder Central. This 5 round event became quite popular with various WMC members who would gather and gurn with the best of them on a Wednesday night.

Dale won a bouldering bucket for his efforts and when asked how he felt about this accolade he said ‘Dude I’m like totally psyched –it’s just Sic man, it’s totally sic’. He was of course topless and wearing a beanie at the time.

WMC members did rather well in the Winter bouldering League taking 1st through to 4th in the Fun Category – although I think we all agree that maybe we should move up to the open comp with the big boys…..

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  1. Well done Dale
    Today West Bromwich, tomorrow the UK, who knows, good luck and keep having fun

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